Print Inspection

Compare hardcopy to digital files with GlobalVision Print Inspection. Scan in your packaging to enable offline inspections that protect against text, artwork, and barcode errors.

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A Complete Inspection System

Verify incoming artwork from suppliers in record time, getting your product to market faster.

Inspection Reports

Generate comprehensive inspection reports to review and keep track of all found differences

Quality Control for all printed materials

  • Inspect labels, cartons, leaflets, and press sheets against your approved files, including digital content.
  • Easily inspect booklets, multipage documents, and cylindrical packaging.
  • Check for conversion errors or printer defects by comparing samples to the original PDF artwork or Adobe Illustrator files.
  • Adjust sensitivity levels to detect smudges, scratches, hickeys, and ink splatters.
  • File types supported: PDF, TIF, LEN, JPG, & Adobe Ilustrator.