AniCAM Gravure QC

Easy to use and portable Quality Management System :
The AniCAM 3D Scanning Microscope is a very professional instrument – it’s operation is really simple: To take a reading simply place the portable camera system on top of your gravure cylinder, select the appropriate setup and click the 3D Scan button. The readings are shown in the Info section, where you also enter the Job name, cylinder-ID and operator name. The system generates a report which can be printed or the data can be exported to the CMS Cylinder Management System.

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Why Gravure Cylinder Quality Control?
The AniCAM Gravure QC was developed for gravure printers where Management and Quality Control of their cylinders is desired. In particular for inhouse recording of cylinder data, condition during use, and to enable financial planning for refurbishing or replacement

Engravers :

Measuring the actual opening, depth and volume on copper and subsequently chrome cells is becoming more important for quality control purposes during the manufacturing process.
Engraving mechanically with styluses or using a laser – it is important to analyse the engraving results regarding shape, depth, angles and consistency.
Variations can lead to considerably different depths and volumes which cannot be detected when making theoretical calculations.

Printers :
Using the AniCAM System and Gravure QC application helps to establish the quantity of ink required for a job. The quality of worn, refurbished or replaced cylinders can be compared to the original, important when establishing the characteristics for print.
Knowing the condition and wear of each cylinder in the inventory enables the printer to schedule refurbishing and replacements of cylinders.
Knowing that the cylinders have been properly cleaned and do not hold ink or varnish residue can save many hours of press set up time.
Knowing the actual volume measurements can help establishing better deltaE’s and consequently less press set up time